Kolibri Little Bird

A young woman of slender frame and of just below medium height. Her face has an impish good humour about it, hair in a jaw length bob with white facepaint running across her face just above her nose. There is a pleasant smell about her, like cinnamon.



Alignment= Neutral Good
Hit Points=42
Feats= Skill Focus (Perform), Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse
Skills include Tumble, Perform in Stringed, Comedy, Oratory and Singing, Bluff, Diplomacy, Balance and a few knowledges.Getting very good at Balance and including in her learning climbing and jumping

Bard Level 6.


Found wandering alone in Sigil’s Hive district at a very young age, no more than 4 or 5, Kolibri has managed to survive with a combination luck and using her natural charm and talent for performing, being a gifted musician, inventive storyteller, amusing wit and excellent singer. Indeed, any form of expression seems to be within her soul and ability.

She has a great desire to see all that Sigil and then the Planes have to offer, to write and sing and tell of all she experiences in her travels, and has almost boundless optimism for her future. She has no idea where she comes from or who her family or parents are, but this doesn’t worry her. She’s just a young woman on a quest for a good time and new things.

Her mind flits from moment to moment and subject to subject, and when she walks and runs is just as likely to turn cartwheels and spin with arms outstretched on her way to her destination, because it just feels good to move. Every moment of life is for freedom of expression and filling yourself up with new experiences, making new friends and enjoying oneself which is just as well for she is a member of the Sensate Faction.

Also the best damned singer you ever heard.

Kolibri Little Bird

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