Spokes in the Wheel

Ten Feet Tall

Through another portal at the temple of Fharlanghn the group find a village called Newkeep plagued by a hideous two headed giant. The Ettin, for that’s what it is, is an odd one with stealth visits by day but horrific attacks by day. Strangely, he appears to have written a riddle on the village shrine wall as well. The group manage to talk to him and discover that one head of the beast claims to be a cleric name of Kyrnyn who has been cruelly cursed to share a body with a real Ettin head called Muck. He begs for either a cure or the release of death.

During Muck’s next visit to Newkeep the party head to his home, the ruins of Oldkeep, to glean further clues. They parlay with orcs who seem keen to see the demise of the giant and ogres who seem keen to see the demise of the adventurers, then are made to see their gods sooner than they had expected. They move on to the ruins, fearing that Muck may be catching up with them.



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