Spokes in the Wheel

Pulsing, Pulsing

Back in Sigil, the group sell the goods they have brought from Hommlet and get a good price. Gilbertus is happy to see them back safely, and tells them they may have a job from a Dark Elf woman who has visited the shop.

They visit her and are asked to dispose of some unwanted guests in her house: two Bloodhulks, hideous undead beasts who are bloated with blood. The fight is hard, and looks like it may be a losing one until Adrestea decides to use the Potion of Undead Control, after which they can dispose of the second one.

Word also reaches them that Sveyn’s church may have a task for them.


Tough fight, the kind when your companions fall around you have no choice but to keep on hacking away. I loved it, reminds me why I took up the sword in the first place. And I learned the art of two-sword fighting to boot. Messed up her carpet (chortle) a bit. Got a wee bit more reknown, and a wee bit closer to joining the Mercy Killers. Ha!

Pulsing, Pulsing

Bloodhulks? Ewwwww. The chant on those lumps ain’t good.

Pulsing, Pulsing

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