Spokes in the Wheel

Human Alchemy

The group lie in wait for the ettin and he returns and eats an unfortunate deer as they search the upper floors: and find a scroll of polymorph. Tialys attempts to use this as the townsfolk of Newkeep are coming to put an end to the ettin’s terror once and for all. It doesn’t quite work, but somehow Heironeous the God’s voice directs the group to help Kyrnyn, tne cleric trapped in an ettin’s body. They work out the answer to his riddle, and he is magically transformed back to his old self, just in time for the townsfolk to meet him and see that the ettin is no more. After a celebratory feast, the group heads back to Sigil.

There, Kelldan is tasked by the Mercykillers to rid a merchant’s house of an out of control Invisible Stalker. The band successfully does this tricky task, but upon return discover that they are informed by the Mercykiller in charge that they are needed through another portal if Kelldan is to be accepted as a full member: and to take warm clothes…


Yay us! We saved Kyrnyn and a good party afterwards, and then onto help Kelldan to join the Mercykillers. The Invisible Stalker put paid to, and then another job for Kelldan to do to prove himself. I hope they aren’t stringing him along. New clothes too, nice and fetching furs and the like to wear, who says you can’t be stylish and practical?

Human Alchemy

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