Spokes in the Wheel

Great Fire

The rest of the tower is quickly cleaned out, including a sneaky thief and a nasty cleric both of the wererat persausion, and a grateful dwarfish community helped.

Back in Sigil, the party is ambushed in two separate places by hideous undead called Boneclaws. They are quickly cut down and must retreat, with Sveyn and Kolibri Little Bird particularly perilously close to death. This seems a coordinated attack, but who is behind it? The group suspect the wizard Montesque, who they assisted the Lady Lythara against.

Before they have a chance to investigate further, work comes their way: a messenger from a place called Eor requests their help to thwart some brigands for his Count. The group move through another portal and are granted an audience with the Count Brunis. He gives them the job, but during a briefing with local merchants who have fallen foul of the bandits, a rogue priest calls a column of flame to attempt to assassinate the Count. By luck, coupled with a good job from the group, the Count lives and the cleric is captured. But who is he and why does he wish the Count dead?


Near death! Again! Am I lucky or unlucky? Who can say, but I can still sing and move like a tumbling acrobatic lunatic so must be doing something right. So away from Sigil and likely surly wizards with an axe to grind, to dodgy bandits and their evil cleric cohorts. That berk cleric should never take on a party with Sigil Girls in it (especially ones from The Hive). One casting of Glitterdust and some mighty grappling later, and we have a living count and a captured member of a suspect clergy. Yay us. More importantly, who is responsible for the shocking bad haircuts the menfolk seem to have in this Eor manor. It’s like a cunning scheme by the evil gods of couture and hairdressing. The bowls in this place will have to be looked at very carefully if I will eat out of them is all I can say about that (for now).

Great Fire

Haircuts and fire! Bandits and Counts! and Kolibri hanging on the ankles of the assassin to stop him getting away! I can tell this place is going to be a bit strange.

I think I will arrange a reward for Kolibri. A little pamper session – she’ll like that – and a haircut of course…

Great Fire

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