Spokes in the Wheel

Egyptian Solution

Eventually, after another encounter with the Androsphinx, some avoidance of traps and cursed items, a chinwag with some lost dervishes and a fight with some minotaurs, the group get out of Kordan’s Master Maze.

Up above it, they discover a paladin fighting ghouls, which they help her to best. They join forces with her and move to a room where a 30 foot tall statue houses a huge gem. Is this the one they search for? No, as it happens, as an alarm sounds when it is taken. Wraiths attack on this sound, but are driven off by the combined forces of Sveyn and a fireball from Tialys Nylar.

The paladin tells of a dark priest who is now a spirit and resides next to a waterfall…the very thing they have seen now to the north. Must they go through the waterfall to progress?


This whole subterranean chant is starting to get a little dangerous, what with big horned berks trying to kill us and yet more undead. The paladin seems nice enough (though you can see all the suspicious types wondering if it is doppelganger number 5) and let me see if I can play matchmaker between her and Sveyn. Religious differences aside, they must have some common ground, like praying and stuff. This dark priest who’s a spirit sounds grim. That never goes well.Half the time you can’t hit them and the other times they try and suck your soul or worse. I’m hiding behind Sveyn and staying there thanks very much.

I do so miss the fresh air though. I’m going to take bad back in Sigil because the air there is anything but fresh. (except around me, but I can’t be everywhere at once).

Egyptian Solution

Out of that maze at last! We must have visited every room – some of them twice! Now more undead and a helpful Paladin (where did she come from?). I dont like the sound of that soul-less priest. Could be problems ahead…

Egyptian Solution

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