Spokes in the Wheel

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

The group reaches Daggerford and asks a local merchant the possible whereabouts of their quarry. They ascertain that a strange unfriendly gnome has a townhouse in the south part of town and discover from the local blacksmith that he has commissioned a dozen short swords and spears. They find the house, but no one seems to be within.

They wait until nightfall, and send Jaalask to knock at the door and plead for help for his tribe. Alas, the door is trapped and blasts the hapless koblod aside. They wait, and Kolibri Little Bird and Glitterstone look on as a ‘gnome’ sees what disturbs him: they attack, but to little avail and are beset by a magical rain of hail that wounds them both. A fight ensues, and the group follow the sorcerer back to the house, where they follow him up stairs.

Alas, he has crafted a subtle illusion and while the fighters are upstairs the ‘gnome’ blasts the others – Kolibri Little Bird, Glitterstone and Tialys Nylar – with a fierce bolt of electricity. They are near death, and the disguised kobold seems set to escape, but a daring leap by Kelldan from an upstairs window sees him swipe at and kill the draconic spellcaster. The day is saved yet again, and Norilo is quite satisfied: a visit to the town’s tavern is surely called for before heading for home!


Yikes is all I can say. I thought that was it for me and the others if it wasn’t for the not a little impressive swashbuckling by Kelldan. I’d compose a ditty about him, but I may have to settle for a limerick starting “There was a Mercykiller named Kelldan, who to kill a kobold did fell daahn…” (apologies for the hivespeak, talking through a haze of pain here).

Very glad to see my little pet not dead. he’s a game little berk and no mistake. Now for some serious drinking, singing and partying, and I wonder if that muscled hunk of a blacksmith is about. This little bird is hurting a little and needs some fixing.

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

Iiyaah! Ouch! Stop it! That hurts! One moment it’s cold with ice falling from the sky, the next moment it’s lightning coursing through our bodies. Thank goodness Kelldan was brave enough to throw himself out a window and get his sword to land in that kobold. (It was obviously not a gnome. I can’t believe these villagers were fooled by him.) I think a little reward for Kelldan is in order. Perhaps I will make him something, maybe a necklace?

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

I have felt the cold unforgiving touch of death upon me! An unpleasant experience I barely survived and do not wish to repeat. The Kobold sorcerer proved a dangerous and powerful foe and may have won the day had it not been for Keldan’s heroics. I feel rejuvinated now though and somehow stonger for the experience. Sigil is proving to be a catalyst for many things, my knowledge increases with every adventure and I have even befriended Jaalask the Kobold! Who or what is to come next I can only guess……..

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

Ach well, makes up for my wasteful efforts chopping up a window, while others were taking hits. That was an amazing 1 in 20 strike of mine, not many of them around, especially when they need to count. My sword landed better than I did, at least it had a Kobold to break it’s fall. Anyhoo I feel a great deal more familiar with my weapon of choice, and a wee bit tougher for the encounter.

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

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