Spokes in the Wheel

That Joke Isn't Funny Any More

The posse continues on to the outskirts of Nulb. Here, they accost a travelling merchant wagon with suspicions of it harbouring Lareth. Kelldan questions them, but to no avail and they have to retrace their steps.

They follow the western trail and come to a barren moor which was once a battlefield. An eerie feeling is present, and it is no shock when ghouls appear and attack, but the posse escapes back from whence it came.

The hunt over in failure, the group return to the portal: they wait beside it and eventually it is triggered and opens: they return to Sigil’s welcoming bosom!

I Want the One I Can't Have

The hunt for Lareth is on. The posse is assembled, featuring the group, six of Burne’s Badgers (his men at arms), a few townsfolk (sons of farmers) all led by Rufus the fighter.

A scent is quickly picked up and tracked to the north east, in the direction of the much hated town of Nulb: Rufus says if he reaches this destination it will be hard to catch him as he will doubtless be sheltered by the ne’er-do-wells who live there.

As the posse come to the edge of a copse, they are ambushed by orcs, although fortunately they spot the trap before it is sprung. Some skilled attacks by the combined forces of Hommlet defeat the greenskins, but one of the Badgers is slain. The trail splits into three strands, and the remaining group (minus the wounded) decide to follow the one that leads quickest to Nulb. More orcs are delat with in due course, but still no sign of the elusive escaped elf.

Nowhere Fast

Faced by rather dim bugbears, who seem a little confused by what is going on, the group negotiates their passage out of the moathouse.

After more consultation the group drag their captive (Lareth) back to Hommlet, where he is arrested and held for trial after confessing his role in the spying network. The group are awarded his equipment as a reward, as well as a handsome sum from Burne, and set out for the portal to Sigil to sell their loot. Alas, it is not there. They resolve to return to Hommlet to get armour upgraded and spend a couple of days recuperating at the Welcome Wench.

They hear that Lareth has escaped and a couple of guards slain. He must have had some outside help, so there are doubtless more spies in the village. A posse is formed to hunt the fugitive down…

Handsome Devil

After some disagreements with local service providers, the group return to the moathouse. There, they use Sveyn’s ability to channel his god to defeat several ghouls, then sense some guards behind a door.

A large melee ensues where the group quickly gain the upper hand. As they are despatching the final guard, an elf in plate appears and claims he is a prisoner, and a friend. He is not believed, due to his seeming dark heritage, and another fight is started, which the elf acquits himself well in but is finally overpowered by numbers. He surrenders, and is treated poorly by his captors despite having just defended himself and having made no attempt to attack. Nevertheless, he does own a holy symbol of Lloth, the Spider Queen, so perhaps they have a point?

As they debate what to do with him, they hear a noise from the rear of the chamber…

I Started Something I Couldn't Finish

Zombies destroyed, the group moves on and encounters a rather mean ogre behind a door. They nearly leave unnoticed but the hinge on the door fatally squeaks as Kelldan closes it and an angry ogre charges them. Some cunning spellcasting from Adrestia stuns the hapless giant and he is hacked and shot to bits (culminating in a splendid killing shot from Kolibri) before he can recover.

The group move on and enocunter a band of gnolls: some tactful ‘Sleep’ spells render some of them unconscious while Tialys lures the others out to attack at poor odds for them. After a fierce tussle, the party are again victorious, albeit all reduced in health. They decide to leave to recuperate.


...before they can go the curious little gnome Glitterstone can’t resist having a peek in a few doors to the south of the gnoll chambers and sets off a loud clanging noise from where the group has come from. They race back to escape but encounter a pair of inquisitive bugbears en route: Adrestia is felled, but Sveyn steps in to aid Kelldan and the two goblinoids are felled. Tialys skillfully (and thankfully just in time) spots a secret chamber which raises the portcullis that blocks their retreat, and they get out just in time to evade the bugbears chasing them…

The doughty band lives to fight another day!

Back to the Old House

Having rested up and re-equipped, the band return to the moat house where they best a giant snake with some aplomb, then overcome a nasty band of dire rats. They clear the level before descending the stairs by defeating a giant lizard, but fear they may meet worse below.

Sure enough, they are beset by a group of tattered undead, but through fighting skill, holy powers and their missile fire, gain another hard fought victory. But what else lurks in this fetid basement?

Rusholme Ruffians

So, the group venture further into the old moathouse and get jumped by five rather hapless brigands, who lose a trade of bow-fire and are taken down before they can run.

Inside, the group find the rest of the bandits, who are a tougher bunch and drop Sveyn but eventually succumb. Sveyn is healed, and one bandit captured. He squeals as to where their treasure is and the adventurers honour their promise to let him go. He says he will head north and start a new life, while the group return to Hommlet for recuperation and to sell their new found goods and treasures.

Richer, they return to the Welcome Wench for rest.

Is it Really So Strange?

The group find a warm welcome at the Welcome Wench after all, with astonishingly good fare and pleasant service. Tialys Nylar meets Furnok, a flamboyant gambler who wins a couple of silver from him, while Kolibri Little Bird entertains her circle with a tune. No one else notices them much, but one of the barstaff tells them they may gain employ from Burne and Rufus, who are themselves recently retired adventurers on the east side of the village.

Burne is a garrulous sort and gives them a commission to investigate and map the old moathouse a few miles east of Hommlet. They reach the pestilent place easily enough but are beset by giant frogs, who almost eat poor Sveyn, the priest.

Undaunted, they carry on and defeat a huge wolf spider in the tower, albeit after a struggle which nearly costs Adrestria the Duskblade her life. They must press further into the ruins…

Out Through the Indoor
And thus it begins

Gilbertus sends his niece and her companions down to his cellar to remove the rats that had been infesting it and possibly ruining his stock. (Can’t be too careful with that brandy!) Well, they’re cheaper than real adventurers and it’s only rats after all, albeit big ones.

While down there, they follow Rufus the dog into the black past the hole in the cellar wall, and step through one of Sigil’s famed portals to a verdant and pastoral hillside near the village of Hommlet. But where exactly is Hommlet?

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