Spokes in the Wheel

All Along the Watchtower

Inside the tower, the group are ambushed by the dwarves from outside, although they have transformed into wererats in the interim. They are joined from inside by another wererat and a rather large imp. They are soon disposed of and the group check first up (where they thwart an acid trap and rescue a delirious dwarf) then move down further into the tower. Another trap is avoided and another dwarf rescued before they move to open the inner chambers down in the base level.

Born Out of Your Mouth
Born Out of Your Mouth

A fruitful night is spent in the pub before the group return to Sigil. Suitably restocked and healed up, they pursue other avenues for a week or so before a local innkeeper requires their help, ridding him of a very unwelcome guest: a fey creature known as a banshrae.

The group (still without a name I may add) plans their attack on the beast well and strike the first blow, but he is an adept foe and fights back, cruelly targeting the unfortunate bard Kolibri Little Bird with a dart from his magic flute which makes her spew forth locusts. She is rendered helpless, so he can issue forth a song that disprits all of his combatants. Yet, consistent magical attacks from Tialys Nylar and skilful strikes from both Kelldan and Adrastea render him ever weaker. Eventually, sensing his own imminent demise, he is forced to retreat, cursing them all as he departs. A victory is won, but shall this strange tunesmith return to wreak his revenge?

Another short interval passes before another job falls their way: they are to retrieve a cure from a Dwarf Alchemist in a distant mountain chain, through another portal. They arrive to find a messy scene at the entrance, and hasten inside, with scant regard for full query, upon hearing from some rather odd Dwarfish merchants outside that the tower he resides in is under attack and attackers still present. Something within indeed does stir…

All of a Sudden (It's Too late)

The group reaches Daggerford and asks a local merchant the possible whereabouts of their quarry. They ascertain that a strange unfriendly gnome has a townhouse in the south part of town and discover from the local blacksmith that he has commissioned a dozen short swords and spears. They find the house, but no one seems to be within.

They wait until nightfall, and send Jaalask to knock at the door and plead for help for his tribe. Alas, the door is trapped and blasts the hapless koblod aside. They wait, and Kolibri Little Bird and Glitterstone look on as a ‘gnome’ sees what disturbs him: they attack, but to little avail and are beset by a magical rain of hail that wounds them both. A fight ensues, and the group follow the sorcerer back to the house, where they follow him up stairs.

Alas, he has crafted a subtle illusion and while the fighters are upstairs the ‘gnome’ blasts the others – Kolibri Little Bird, Glitterstone and Tialys Nylar – with a fierce bolt of electricity. They are near death, and the disguised kobold seems set to escape, but a daring leap by Kelldan from an upstairs window sees him swipe at and kill the draconic spellcaster. The day is saved yet again, and Norilo is quite satisfied: a visit to the town’s tavern is surely called for before heading for home!

In Loving Memory of a Name

After cleaning up the lighthouse, the crew accompany Norilo to his trading interest at Daggerford, further down the coast. They are stopped by a ghost, specifically one of an Androsphinx, who charges them to answer a riddle (which they do) then avenge his murder at the hands of some kobolds. They go to his cave and find three things: the signs of a struggle, that the place has been stripped of treasure, and a scared kobold called Jaalask, who agrees to show them the kobold camp. He is as good as his word and allows himself to be ‘captured’ so that if the group should lose the battle it will not look so bad for him.

He needn’t have bothered, as the group makes quick work of the kobolds, sleeping the inattentive guards and slaying the rest. There is, however, no sign of the sorcerer who is said to have been their leader. Perhaps, says Jaalask, he has gone to the local town to trade his loot?

Little Lighthouse

After healing up, the crew go back through a portal in Norilo’s house to accompany the merchant to check on his assets there. Whisked to the Sword Coast, they quickly see trouble, as there is a wealth of wreckage on the shore, and no light in the lighthouse owned by the merchant. Investigating the largest wreck, the group are charged by ghouls but they are quickly driven off.

In the building itself, the group are attacked by a Grick, a strange snake-like animal. They kill it quite quickly and move upstairs. There, they unlock a door and are beset by a Green Hag, who strikes from a position of invisibility and moves with horrible speed. She weakens most of her attackers and proves tricky, but is eventually felled. The fellows retire through the portal for healing once again: they can come back and finish the job later.

Ship Trapped in the Ice

The group leave the lodge and make their way back but are continually harassed by the Wendigo, which attacks with lighting pace and hides in the forest mist. Adrastea is wounded and soon grows ill, struggling to control her desires for the taste of human flesh. On later attacks, both Glitterstone and Tialys Nylar are bitten too, as is Sveyn. Not all show unholy symptoms, but the tiefling Adrastea is growing worse so the group decide to press on through the dark and frozen black of night. The Wendigo keeps returning, but the group are weakening it by degrees.

Finally, it tries for one thrust too many and Kelldan destroys it with a well placed blow. The group make it to the portal and are healed by a cleric at Norilo’s expense. He has a new task for them, which he wishes done right away but the party retires for the night and a very well deserved rest.

Always Winter, Never Christmas

A rather terse merchant name of Norilo has a job that entails a visit to colder climes. He demands a ring back and says if this is done to his satisfaction he may have more work for the group. His demeanour is not quite as chilly as the area they go to through the portal however, as it’s back to Greyhawk and Timberway Forest where they are to retrieve said jewellery from a thief.

After a long and cold trek through the deathly woods they reach a corpse that appears self-mutilated and then on to the lodge he must have come from. The lodge is in disarray with two stripped and flayed corpses in beds: as Kelldan goes into the storeroom a rabid man jumps him, but is swiftly beaten off and killed. Glitterstone recognises this whole episode bears the appearance of the doings of a Wendigo, a malign spirit of nature in the north.

The ring is recaptured, but the group must now navigate back out of the forest and to the portal.

Human Alchemy

The group lie in wait for the ettin and he returns and eats an unfortunate deer as they search the upper floors: and find a scroll of polymorph. Tialys attempts to use this as the townsfolk of Newkeep are coming to put an end to the ettin’s terror once and for all. It doesn’t quite work, but somehow Heironeous the God’s voice directs the group to help Kyrnyn, tne cleric trapped in an ettin’s body. They work out the answer to his riddle, and he is magically transformed back to his old self, just in time for the townsfolk to meet him and see that the ettin is no more. After a celebratory feast, the group heads back to Sigil.

There, Kelldan is tasked by the Mercykillers to rid a merchant’s house of an out of control Invisible Stalker. The band successfully does this tricky task, but upon return discover that they are informed by the Mercykiller in charge that they are needed through another portal if Kelldan is to be accepted as a full member: and to take warm clothes…

Ten Feet Tall

Through another portal at the temple of Fharlanghn the group find a village called Newkeep plagued by a hideous two headed giant. The Ettin, for that’s what it is, is an odd one with stealth visits by day but horrific attacks by day. Strangely, he appears to have written a riddle on the village shrine wall as well. The group manage to talk to him and discover that one head of the beast claims to be a cleric name of Kyrnyn who has been cruelly cursed to share a body with a real Ettin head called Muck. He begs for either a cure or the release of death.

During Muck’s next visit to Newkeep the party head to his home, the ruins of Oldkeep, to glean further clues. They parlay with orcs who seem keen to see the demise of the giant and ogres who seem keen to see the demise of the adventurers, then are made to see their gods sooner than they had expected. They move on to the ruins, fearing that Muck may be catching up with them.

Pulsing, Pulsing

Back in Sigil, the group sell the goods they have brought from Hommlet and get a good price. Gilbertus is happy to see them back safely, and tells them they may have a job from a Dark Elf woman who has visited the shop.

They visit her and are asked to dispose of some unwanted guests in her house: two Bloodhulks, hideous undead beasts who are bloated with blood. The fight is hard, and looks like it may be a losing one until Adrestea decides to use the Potion of Undead Control, after which they can dispose of the second one.

Word also reaches them that Sveyn’s church may have a task for them.


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