Tialys Nylar

Tall 5ft 11in,Athletic,Honey coloured skin with a green tint, thick copper red hair,emerald green eyes.


First level sorcerer. Kneel before his might….......................errr maybe not quite yet.


Born in the city of Silvery Moon,( The Gem of the North) Luruar,Faerun. Taken into the service of Koravin the sorcerer I was taught to master the power within me. Koravin would often talk of Sigil the famous planar metropolis. “It is the crossroads to the multiverse a city of danger and great opportunity” he would say. It is through Koravin’s portal that I find myself in Sigil and it is from here that I intend to travel the multiverse,for it is said in Luruar that there are two kinds of people-adventurers and everyone else…....

Tialys Nylar

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