Looks like a soldier in a WW2 propoganda poster, just replace the uniform with mail armour. Richard Holmes (R.I.P.) would have wet dreams about him. One of these soldiers that likes the cut and dash of good uniform.


Athletic twin Longsword fighter.

lv3 feat 2weapfighting.
lv4 weapon spec longsword. Drop axe, replace with lgt crossbow.
lv5 2 weap defensive.

Ability. Increase dexterity.

Level 3: att x2, att bonus 4, dam d83/1.

Level 4: att x2, att bonus 5, dam d85/3.


Eyes look up to the Force of Law and Order in Sigil. Faint but terrifying memories of flight from burning Tarsis, in Krynn. Joining a powerful organisation such as the Mercy Killers, defending the city etc appeals to his sense of duty, and means he wouldn’t one of the hapless masses in times of strife.


Spokes in the Wheel PlasHan