Spokes in the Wheel

We Kill the Beast

Just before reaching their destination they encounter the captain who lead his men south, though something certainly seems amiss with him.

At Waycombe, the band find only an inn, with an innkeeper just leaving. He tells them the place is theirs, as he is off directly after their conversation. They spend the night, and though a couple of men taunt them from a field, they see them off and do not stir abroad, though they do see a winged figure of some size flying in the night.

Next morn, they check out the mad hermit the innkeeper talked of though, and find a man of wild appearance who indeed appears to be addled: all the same, he leads them through the great swamp to a crumbling temple on an island, replete with demonic altar, where they quickly thwart an ambush by crossbow wielding brigands, only to be confronted by an altogether fiercer opponent: a black dragon named Aulicus.

A mighty battle ensues, where first Kelldan and Sveyn are attacked, then Glitterstone and Tialys Nylar: they barely make it through, but through diligent swordplay, skillfully utilised magic and the not inconsiderable musical talents of Kolibri Little Bird, they are eventually victorious. They heal up and loot the dispatched lizard’s hoard, then prepare to investigate a trapdoor behind the altar. Was the dragon responsible for the raids, or will they find another lead beneath the isle?



We Kill the Beast

Dragons. They’re not too bad. Unless they want to kill you. And this one did! But to the musical accompaniment of a classically trained voice, we took him on and gave him a good seeing to. I didnt realise dragons were like fish – both float belly-up when killed!

And, full of confidence, we go down the trapdoor…

We Kill the Beast

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