Spokes in the Wheel

Travels in Nihilon

The cleric, alas, says nothing and even magic cannot seem to loosen his tongue. The Count urges his hirelings to head out as soon as they can.

Moving south, to Waycombe, the group find stragglers seeking refuge in the capital, telling of bandits, evil flying in the night, and burning and looting. All is certainly not well where they are headed, as some clerics from the area reporting home are sorry to confirm, though they warn the travellers not to take the stories of superstition too seriously: they have seen no flying horrors themselves and precious little beyond the sad effects of banditry.

An inn also provides a sombre encounter, with a young minstrel incurring the wrath of the locals by singing a song called ‘The Ballad of Sakatha’ which they do not take to at all. Fortunately, a more uplifting performance by Kolibri Little Bird soothes the customers’ anger.

There are fights en route as well though: 5 ogres jump them, but are bested after a struggle. Much harder work is needed to overcome a trio of hill giants, who nearly kill them before their quest is really started. What worse can be thrown at them though, if they have beaten such mighty foes?


GIANTS ! They’re HUGE ! just as well they couldn’t spot me hiding in the long grass. Being able to now harness the power of lightning certainly helped turn this battle in our favour, but it was a close run thing. It was reaching the point where the bard and spell caster were going to have to fight the giants hand to hand. Whew!

Travels in Nihilon

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