Spokes in the Wheel

The Ugly Underneath

The group descend into the complex beneath the altar.

First, they have to battle past the bulk of the guard host. There are many, with leaders and, behind them all, an old man in a tattered cloak who turns out to be a wizard. The group fight bravely, none more so than the plucky young kobold Jaalask who assaults the spell caster personally, and nearly pays with his life. A fierce battle is won by the forces of good, however.

After this, they search and clear the barracks then, past an evil altar, the clerical enclave as well, lead by a patriarch who sells his life dearly.

They carry on deeper into the complex, wondering what will come next…


Bandits and nasty wizards and then evil clerics. This place is a hotbed of evil. Just as well our stout fighters are able to put them down quickly before they get organised. Not sure what else we will find down here, and I dont like the look of that altar!

The Ugly Underneath

Yerk. That stinking cloud spell that wizard cast? Smelt worse than a hezrou’s fart. Quite turned my stomach. On the upside, this little songstress has picked up some new tricks. I also have a great idea in mind for what to spend my money on. My own festhall, where music and other stuff can be appreciated It’s going to be FABULOUS.

The Ugly Underneath

I have a sword. Greater in balance and guard, than any I have weilded. What is my destiny after geing gifted such a wondrous thing?. The blade to my hand, a score of enemy were only grist to the mill. I am sure I could have slain all without my companions, I know only a wyrd hand would strike against me, in the fray. Am I to be a champion? but to whom? or to what cause? I swear, dis swords gonna be di def of me.

The Ugly Underneath

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