Spokes in the Wheel

The Floating World

Cleverly utilising a secret passage the group climb up to a chamber where some sort of bell jar is being guarded by a Clay Golem. They decide whatever has been left in its care must be worth getting so fight and defeat the magical creature to retrieve its treasure. Inside, a human heart falls out of it and dies. (And something far off shrieks…)

They then find another way through to a (different) strange waterfall that reverses when keywords are spoken…Glitterstone puts her hand in a depression, and then Kolibri Little Bird chances it and steps in…and is taken up to the true tomb. The rest follow. Here, a boat and a portrait seem to offer the way to the gem they seek: sure enough, the portrait is an illusion and beyond it floats – on the very clouds – an exact replica of the boat inside the tomb. Inside it is the gem which Kolibri Little Bird flies across to.

With the gem in their possession they can search the resting chamber of the great Pharaoh himself, Amun Re. Despite misgivings, there seem to be no traps and they can easily take the staff and use a secret passage to vacate the chamber (while very wisely leaving the ancient king to his eternal slumber…)

They suddenly find themselves teleported to the entrance to the pyramid – where they can see that the fabled Waters of Athis flow outside for the first time in a millennium. They now have two gems and pause for reflection before carrying on their labours at a later date.


Wow! Did we ever do a number on that tomb! And all the firsts for me. I flew thousands of feet above the ground to a boat floating on clouds,used an upwardly floating waterfall (nice!) to get to this real tomb, and caused those Waters of Athis to flow into the land again! If that isn’t the very definition of a successful caper then this cutter doesn’t know what is. I’m glad that sphinx is now free ( I hope so anyways), Amun Re is free to go onto his rest and we have the next Gem. I hope mother and father, whomever, wherever and whatever they are would be proud. Now what’s next for us? Apart from fresh air and sunstroke that is. This Sigilian Sensate is just tingling at the possibilities.

The Floating World

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