Spokes in the Wheel

Summer Hot as This

In which the party go another trip.

They get rewarded by the Count, and leave for home, but upon stepping through the portal they find themselves on a windswept mountainside, with a fierce storm approaching. They find shelter in a nearby cave, but a giant is headed within so they opt to use a teleportation device found there.

They find themselves (literally) dropping in an eastern wizard who bids them do a task for him: he speaks of an ancient prophecy he believes them here to fulfil, an ancient evil that must be bested and an ancient set of gems that must be collected to achieve that goal. The group set out to do this, but ask him to supply the fee to join the local caravan which is headed north into a desert of fable. Here, there adventure will doubtless begin afresh.


At least it is a dry heat

Summer Hot as This

More money grubbers,and I thought Hommlet was bad, these charlatans really take the biscuit. Well I’m going to sit on my camel, take in the view, and if attacked I’ll let those lazy fig suckers earn their gold.

Summer Hot as This

This desert reminds me of the Outlands, only not yet as dangerous and no scenic image of the Spire in the distance. Might have guessed that going home to Sigil would have been interrupted anyways, and who cares? Seeing lots of new places and all the planes has to offer is what I’m in this for. Besides, if it gets realllly dangerous I can hide behind Kelldan and Adrastea and let them remove the offending critteric. (see what I did there?)

Summer Hot as This

Glad I dont have to sit on one of those camels. They are very high up and quite uncivilised (a bit like the general populace). I am not a big fan of this desert – I prefer a greener setting.

Some of the places we are looking for are really really old. I just hope we can find them under all this sand. I dont fancy digging my way through it.

Summer Hot as This

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