Spokes in the Wheel

Procession Toward Learning Land

The group cleverly forge good relations with the guardians of the pyramid, the dervishes, and look inside the temples. They find much untranslated language of an ancient sort and set to work deciphering it. They also find a plundered tomb, quite clearly a false one placed to fool (rather dim) would-be robbers.

Flying up a sluice pipe, Kolibri Little Bird finds herself detached from the others and face to face with a fearsome Androsphinx, left to ward the massive building. He asks her a riddle with a clue for success and a surely unwinnable combat for a wrong answer. She answers correctly, however, aided in no small measure by the crystal ball promptings of Glitterstone and Tialys Nylar.

They move further into the structure, taking advantage of an old teleportation device, but are transported into the very maze the sphinx had warned them not to visit. Adrastea maps it intelligently, and they use ropes to ensure they are not too far separated while mapping it. They see evidence of long sprung traps and wonder which ones have been left in place all this while…

Eventually, they meet an odd bunch of elves mourning over bones but then take their leave of them. However, they are attacked each in turn by them and realise all is not what it seems. Upon capturing one they discover its true identity: they are dopplegangers! Still, four of the five have been cut down. Where has the other one gone though? And where is the exit in this maze?


That Androsphinx was quite charming apart from the undercurrent of Kolibri as lunch. Still, once the right answer was given we got on fine. I even sang for the fellow. After being stuck in a tomb for hundreds of years I think he was the most appreciative audience I have ever had. Not something that could be said about those doppelganger types. Bad breath and limited social skills, and if I looked as fugly as they do when not changed, I’d want to look like an elf too. Hmmm, even looking like a baatezu would be an improvement.

This maze bit is a bit on the low fun scores, and the soonest we are outthe sooner we can get this business in the pyramid sorted. I want fresh air and no shapeshifting wierdo’s thanks very much.

Procession Toward Learning Land

Even inside this huge building, there is no escape from the damnable itchy sand! And now seemingly trapped into a maze we were warned to avoid. We wander round in an even more befuddled state than usual, trying to avoid doppelgängers. We better be careful one doesn’t manage to infiltrate our intrepid band. Perhaps deciphering the scripts will point us to a way out…

Procession Toward Learning Land

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