Spokes in the Wheel

King for a Day

In which many of the party die

Below the altar the group find a huge cavern, almost boundless, with a swift river running across it. They fly over it, but cannot all avoid the wights, undead horrors that attack them once at the other side.

Those fiends bested, they come to a pyramid which they correctly deduce an opening for, having to give a command in the name of the lizard king Sakatha. They proceed, and little Jaalask does sterling work in avoiding the many traps beyond the door. They come to a table laden with delicacies, but leave them well alone, as do they the odd murals that speak of battles and hunts. (Wise move!)

They descend further into the structure and avoid more traps, and kill some lizard folk accompanied by a couple of dark acolytes. Past them, they burn some coffins and see a strange gaseous shape seem to float away from them and into a side chamber. They follow, but are just in time to see the lizard king Sakatha, bride by his side. Alas, the evil monarch acts with greater speed than they, and casts a cloud of deadly fog upon them, and only a few escape with their lives: all are slain save the kobold, Kolibri Little Bird and the doughty warrior Kelldan. Yet, despite such odds, the three try to save situation and rush to attack the vampiric reptilian. Aided by the bard’s haunting melodies, Kelldan strikes some mighty blows on the undead foe, but it is left to the fierce little reptilian in the room to finally put to rest his bigger cousin. The bride is also quickly despatched, and the remaining trio destroy his resting place before looting his treasure.

As luck has it, the bard identifies one of these items: a plain looking ring. It has the power to grant one wish and the selfless Kolibri Little Bird wishes her comrades back in full health. And so it is.

The group then find a room crammed with wretched prisoners, stolen citizens of the lands surrounding, who they must find a way to take back to their lands above…

A great triumph surely awaits back in the Court of the Count!!!


Now that was frightful. When my friends fell as a result of that vampire berks cloudkill spell I felt really gutted, and fully expected to die shortly afterwards. Still, a good song to lift the spirits, a use of the undead protection scroll on Kelldan and some inspirational spearwork from my favorite little fella Jaalask prevailed. The vampires doxy got it as well, that’ll show her and the like.The ring? I challenge anyone else who had just lost her friends to do any different, there was no other decision to make and no debate to be had.
Anyways, we have a group of people to get topside and safe, and I would just like to add that my new favorite spell is Alter Self. Being able to fly after changing into an Avariel elf is just lovely. Also very handy for avoiding critics, corporeal undead and indeed anything I don’t want within arms reach of me.

King for a Day

You should’ve brought Glitterstone back to life as a kobold. That would’ve been dead funny.

King for a Day

Wow! That was exciting. I have never been dead before. Not an experience I wish to undertake again. I’m not sure exactly how to thank Kolibri for being such a wonderful person. Perhaps I’ll knit her a scarf…

King for a Day

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