Spokes in the Wheel

Deliver Us From the Elements

The band set off into the desert and, helped by their caravaneer hosts, successfully get to the desert boundary with no mishaps. The desert is formidable, and they are beset by foes as diverse as spiders, a giant scorpion (that nearly makes a meal of Kolibri Little Bird), fearful basilisks and ashworms, fell creatures that burst from the very sand and sting painfully. These last animals kill one of the two camels the group use for bearing.

They also meet varied peoples of the desert, including merchants, the airlancers who patrol the skies above the hot sands as well as the dervishes who take it upon themselves to protect the arid land’s holy sites. Good (or at least non-hostile) relations are fostered with both sides as they cross the desert. Eventually, they discover an ancient and isolated statue; it crumbles under the sands and leads them to an underground complex where they avoid nasty traps and rescue the first of their sought gems. Alas, in doing so they seem to release an ancient evil into the land…

Then, they reach a mighty pyramid that the spirit of a long-dead Pharaoh bids them to rob to dispel his curse and also free his land. They negotiate passage inside with the dervish priest who tends it. So, is the tomb as theft-proof as is claimed?


I hate Giant Scorpions. They are a bit tactile and touchy feely with their pincers and they have a sting that is much more painful than it looks. You know, some people would say that’s a sign of bad luck to be singled out as lunch by a humunguous arachnid, but that it’s now dead and I am still singing shows my luck just keeps getting better and better.Now we have to rob a temple at the request of it’s ghostly current incumbent? Ok then. Lets bring some can do Sigillian moxy to this so called theft proof monument of morbidity, as I doubt it can resist a group like ours with the hand of destiny fate and prophecy pushing us along.

Deliver Us From the Elements

I hope we can solve the riddle of why the river dried up, and restore this land to its former verdant glory. I am fed up of getting sand where it scratches most!

Deliver Us From the Elements

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